Jan 17, 2020

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Some Causes Of Printer Jams And How To Overcome It

Some Causes Of Printer Jams And How To Overcome It

By using a printer we can print various reports, images, to photos. The type of printer that is most widely used today is inkjet printers. Inkjet printers print by spraying ink from a cartridge onto paper or other print media. This process can also be found on the zebra label printer.

The thing that sucks when operating the printer is the printer jammed when removing the printed paper. Several things cause it to happen as explained below:

1. Printer Connection to the Computer Disconnected
Disconnection of the printer connection could be caused by a USB cable printer connecting the printer to the computer (data cable) with problems. Check the USB cable that connects the printer to the computer, whether the data cable is in good condition or not. Re-check the data cable installation, make sure it is installed correctly. You can try using another data cable to find out if the data cable is indeed problematic or not.

2. Ink runs out
The printer will continue to run, but there will be no text or printed tones on the paper. Remember when you last filled the ink, refill if you feel the ink has run out. To be sure you can check the ink in the cartridge if the cartridge head is dry the ink might be run out. If you use ink for infusion, it’s easier to check, just by looking at the contents of your printer’s ink tank. You should refill the ink before it runs out when the ink content is around 20% to make the cartridge last longer.

3. Dirty cartridge – head cleaning
The dirty cartridge will cause printed or streaked prints, to overcome this you can try doing head cleaning first. The way to run the printer maintenance application on a computer, then click the head cleaning. Do two or three times the head cleaning, then check the results. If it is still not resolved, try removing the cartridge from the printer, and cleaning the cartridge head manually by wiping it with a clean tissue.

4. Dry ink
Dry ink will block the ink spraying hole in the cartridge head. resulting in a printer jam or failure to print the document. To overcome this you try to do deep cleaning first or overcome them manually. To fix this manually, remove the cartridge from the printer.