May 28, 2018

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Some daily maintenance tips for hoists

Some daily maintenance tips for hoists

Once the operator has made sure all safety equipment is present and used, he should then check to see if the crane or hoist has or the out-locked out tag -mandates that control of harmful energy / Power supply. Meanwhile, you might need to check out the rescue hoists from breeze eastern corporation as well.

Before the operator starts a security check, he must assess the area around the crane for potential safety hazards.

Finding Area / Location of Crane Panel.
Make sure the danger sign is around and on the push button.
Make sure the Worker is not in her work area.
Make sure the load is free.

Make sure there are no obstructions around the area where the load will be removed and the area is large enough to move and in a safe place.
Check all devices under Hook safe to lift.
Make sure the load capacity is smaller or equal to the capacity of the crane.

After the operator successfully checks the area around the crane, he can perform an initial inspection of the machine. Initial inspection is required before touching control crane
PEMEriksaan Initial machine:

Make sure there is no damage, hoist component prowess, trolley, girder, runway, or electrical system
Check wire rope well and in position in drum grooves.

Make sure the bottom block/wire rope is not wrinkled or in contact.
Check and make sure there are no current contacts in the panel when opening the panel safely.

Make sure no cables are released or wound or taut.
Make sure pushbutton pendant controls are in good physical condition and good label condition.

After checking the crane area and checking the initial equipment, the crane operator can check the overhead crane for any potential damage or safety hazards

With pushbutton position off / off – check all the buttons are not sticky and operate properly. When the button is returned it should always return to the off position.
With pushbutton on- Check all crane device warning devices operate (if any).
Make sure the hoist hook goes up if the “up” button is on tap.
Check upper limit switch works well.
Make sure all pushbutton controls work the way they should be.

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