Sep 16, 2018

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Steps to Get Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Steps to Get Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Getting customer satisfaction and loyalty is not impossible. Many companies can get customer satisfaction but not a few who can never reach customer loyalty/loyalty. To get customer satisfaction and loyalty, you / your company must be able to understand the character of your customers, for example by making them feel special, providing a pleasant experience, friendly service. Examples that can be done, for example, provide special inter-service, flexibility in choosing the type of service, or providing a “live chat” service on your company website. By understanding your customers you will get customer satisfaction and loyalty. This has been tested based on a survey conducted by the SEO nyc team.

The only way to succeed in getting customer satisfaction and loyalty is by dedicating time and effort to strategies that always put your customers first or in other words, your customers are your top priority. All parts of the company, both employees and company owners must have the same commitment. A good strategy used is the “balanced scorecard” which is a company guide in decision making and the operating system that is used by paying attention to 4 different perspectives, namely customers, finance, internal processes, and employees. All of these points must be included and are an integral part. With this commitment, it will be easier to get customer satisfaction and loyalty. Whatever means a target if there is no benchmark. With the measurement, you will find it easier to find a successful strategy to get customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To get the value of customer satisfaction, you can use certain measurements such as how fast the service is given since the order is made or how many orders can be fulfilled within the agreed time. But to assess customer loyalty is rather difficult, loyalty can only be measured when observing the customer’s real behavior. However, there are several indicators that can be used to measure the level of customer loyalty such as increased “repeat orders” and references to other potential customers. You also do surveys or give questionnaires to your customers with a few questions to find out their loyalty.