May 16, 2020

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Steps You Can Example for Making Comics

Steps You Can Example for Making Comics

When starting to make comics, use a pencil to minimize mistakes that occur. Make a draft in the form of a frame box, page layout, then start drawing the characters in it, how they pose, expression, and where the position of the word balloon (dialogue) or narrative description box. Also add some supporting effects such as explosion effects, effects to show angry expressions, sadness, and so on. The plot is a sequence structure in how to draw comics, how it starts, what is the core of the story, and who are the characters in the story. The plot becomes important in making comics because without the plot the story becomes unclear and undirected, besides the consistency of the comic will be questioned when in the beginning it does not first define the character of the comic character he will make, for example, the angry and emotional antagonist but in the scene, others are gentle and cry easily.

Make detailed pictures, black hair (if dark), clothing colors, trim eyelashes, shading the dark parts with attention to lighting effects, the shape of the figure’s shadow pose, and various other image details. Sometimes after arriving at a detailed picture, new image errors are found, such as the eyes that are not aligned, the size of the body between characters who are not proportional, or even facial expressions are wrong. Do not rush to make corrections when finding errors, first think of the right correction so that one image does not get corrected repeatedly. Try as much as possible so that the correction is only done once. White ink or markers can be used to erase black ink during the correction process.

Screen tone is a technique found in comics where the tone is used to fill parts of an image with dark and light colors or with textures. Color grading is also done with this technique. Some Japanese comic artists still use scouring paper-like rugs to add screen tones to the picture. Screen tone can also be added with Photoshop, first, scan the image that has been made, then add a screen tone through Photoshop.