Mar 7, 2018

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The success story of a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia in Australia

The success story of a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia in Australia

In the mini restaurant, the taste of Indonesian citizens in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, can be cured. Showcase displaying Tea Box, Kecap Bango, until the ABC Sauce into the view of the style of food stalls in the country. Not to mention the menu. Resto named Jokamz is highlighting the superior foods of the archipelago, ranging from rendang, eggplant Balado, grilled ribs, fried rice, to bakwan. In the meantime, perhaps you can contact immigration lawyers Brisbane if you want to hire the trusted lawyer for the immigrant in Australia.

Not only that, Jokamz also has the waiters jogged thick. Their existence has increasingly thickened the nuance of the archipelago in this restaurant. As a result, the specialty menu in Jokamz not only enjoyed by Indonesian citizens. Australians who miss their memories on holiday in Indonesia also enjoy the food at Jokamz.

Wiraguna Soenan Haniman founded Jokamz since December 2014. Soenan is interested in doing business because he realizes the great interest of Australians towards Indonesian food. “We are targeting the Caucasians,” Soenan said when talking with Republika in his resto located on Cardiff Street, Melbourne, Australia, some time ago.

Despite living in a predominantly non-Muslim country, Soe nan remains committed to Jokamz serving halal food. Melbourne, which has 200 ethnicities who embrace various religions, including Islam, made Soenan take the decision. Not only that, as a Muslim, Soenan was determined to promote halal food to citizens of Melbourne and Australia.

“We must show to the citizens here if it is halal Muslim way,” he said. He explained, to take care of halal certification in Victoria is not a difficult thing. The cost of management, too, said Soenan, quite cheap.

Entrepreneurs who want to be certified must submit themselves to the local halal authority. After that, they will be accredited. The relevant officers will check from where the supply of food raw materials presented resto, whether there is a substance or not.

“If we do not serve the menu pork (pork) is relatively easy,” he said.

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