Aug 8, 2019

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The Different Ways of Animated Video Production

The Different Ways of Animated Video Production

What do you think about explainer video animation? Video animation these days gets used for a different purpose, right? You can even benefit from it when it comes to advertising and marketing your brand. Somehow, it is important to know the whole process of video production. The method or the way how the company will produce your video is an important factor to consider. For your information, there are two different types of ways of making the animated video. If you want to get the best animation skill, you can visit our website.

To create an animated video there are several steps that must be passed, the process of making video animation there are two ways. The first way is the creation of conventional animation video with the price of making the animated video is not small. One other way is the digital process, which in financing is cheaper than the conventional way. The point is there are disadvantages and advantages to each of these ways.

As if there is damage during the process of making the animated video, then the justification of damage by way of the digital process is more manageable than the conventional process. The damage that happens in a digital way will be easy to fix, just a few hours but if it happens on the digital way it will take days. So every way has deficiencies and advantages.

A conventional way of making the video animation

The conventional way is the most basic way of making classic video animation after the animated image is finished, the next step is to transfer the finished image onto the visible plastic. Once it’s colored by the ink and paint department, if video processing is finished then the video will be recorded with a special camera. Camera name is the multiplane camera, in this camera, there is a room all in black. There are steps that must be passed, the first stage of pre-production, production stage, post-production stage. At each stage, there is a path or a process that is traversed too, so the point is not easy to make anime video in a conventional way.