May 12, 2018

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The early steps of becoming a merchant on Amazon

The early steps of becoming a merchant on Amazon

If you do not already have an Amazon account, you can create it on the log-in page. Include active email and password for your Amazon account, then select ‘submit’. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the amazing selling machine. It’s a great guide for those who want to sell their merchandises on Amazon.

Next, you will be asked to write your name, email, and password for your account.

Find the product you want to sell on Amazon

The next step, please search the product categories on Amazon that match the goods you want to sell. How, please use the appropriate keywords, such as product name, book title or movie, or it could be an edition of the item.

Alternatively, you can also search for products based on ISBN, UPC or ASIN.

You need to know, Amazon also provides a list of goods they sell, so if the product you sell has in common, you can directly select it through the list.

Next, please select the words “Sell yours here” after you find the item.

Determine the condition of the product you are selling

The condition of the products you sell can be your own. How can you select the available fields?

There are many choices of goods conditions that you can choose, such as:

– New

– Used-Like New

– Used-Very Good

– Used-Good

– Used-Acceptable.

Do not forget to add another note about the condition of the product you are selling. The goal is that you can inform in detail about the products you sell on Amazon.

For example, as shown below:

– No box, cartridge only (No box/box, the only product only)

– Instructions are not included (Instructions not available)

– Few scratches on the front cover and disc (There are some scratches on the cover and also on the cassette)

– First class delivery

and so forth.

Determine the price of the product you are selling

Please set your own price of goods that you sell on Amazon.

Calculate the price of capital to buy/produce goods, the cost you spend, as well as the profit margin you want.

In order to quickly sell, try to make the product price slightly lower than the price your competitor posted.

The cheaper the price (for the same product), the faster they sold.

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