Feb 11, 2020

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The Right Way to Choose Dolls for Children

The Right Way to Choose Dolls for Children

When you have a daughter, there are lots of cute things that you really want to buy. Ranging from clothing, knick-knacks, accessories, to toys. Well, one of the toys that can’t be left behind is a doll. Dolls are very identical to girls. The variety of shapes and sizes makes you often confused about choosing which is good and good for your child. It might seem excessive, but choosing a doll as a child’s toy cannot be careless. This is because these objects are one form of stimulation that can help to maximize your child’s intellectual stimulation. You can visit our website to get toys and games for kids and you can also see our bee decorations.

There are several things that must be considered when choosing a doll.

1. Ingredients
First, you have to pay attention to is the material of the doll. Whether it is made of cotton or plastic, free of harmful chemicals or not, down to the part of the doll that is easily separated. Such as buttons, hair, or other accessories.

2. Does not use battery power
Second, you can choose dolls that don’t use battery power. This is useful to stimulate the child’s imagination when ‘turn on’ the puppet character when played.

3. Introduce diversity
You can choose dolls of different gender, male and female. You can also introduce various kinds of animals, by buying not only one type of doll, for example buying an elephant and cat doll. With that, your child will slowly recognize diversity from an early age.

4. Child’s personality
There are three major types of dolls, namely baby-shaped dolls, Barbie type dolls or also often called fashion dolls, and dolls that are designed to resemble children. If you are confused about choosing between the three types of dolls, look at the child’s personality.

If your child has a loving personality and cares about the environment, maybe a baby-shaped doll is the right fit. But if a child wants a playmate the same age as them, a child’s doll is the right friend for them.