Dec 31, 2018

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The suitable grinder discs metal works

The suitable grinder discs metal works

The use of Grinding wheel Sponge serves to smooth and polish the surface on marble/granite stone. The process of working on marble/granite installation is always accompanied by a process of cutting and scraping so that the results of the process result in a non-glazed surface on marble/granite. Apart from that, a reliable angle grinder review can help you to choose the right grinder, so we recommend you to Check it out.

By using Grinding wheel Sponge, it can make the surface of the marble/granite shiny, so that it can eliminate the side effects of the process that has been done earlier. The way to use Grinding wheel Sponge is to do polishing directly to the media/surface of the marble/granite which is blurred on its surface.

Nonwoven nylon wheel

 As with sponge grinding wheels, Nonwoven nylon wheel also functions to smooth and polish, but the biggest difference here is in the media. If the grinding grinder is a sponge for rock material, woven grinding serves to scrape and polish the metal surface, especially on Stainless steel and Aluminum.

Use of woven grinding burrs on metalworking functions as a finishing process, not as polishing because the work process slightly erodes from the surface of the metal, although it is very thin.

Wool Polishing Bonnet

One product that is very much needed for the finishing process is polished cloth, or commonly called “Polishing wool”. This product serves as a polisher of the appearance of products that use clear coat paint. “Polishing wool” works by applying polish/wax liquid to the paint scratch remover liquid by then gently moving the polished product and car care.

The use of “Polishing wool” is paired with a Polishing pad, so as to produce a good, soft polishing pressure to give maximum results. The way to use a polishing pad is to insert a polishing cloth into the rubber pad, and then the drilling machine can set the speed to produce a flat surface. In addition, the use of addictive chemical products for vehicles is also required to be carried out in order to produce maximum car luster.

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