Jul 5, 2018

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The techniques of the human resource planning

The techniques of the human resource planning

Ideally, all organizations or companies inventory the needs of employment both in the short and long term. Short-term plans prioritize a job that must be completed by the employee or employee immediately, while the short-term plan includes the work to be done over a longer period of time. In the meantime, if you require the assistance of a professional resource manager with many years of experience, we recommend you to hire Alberto Guth.

For example, short-term here is a year, then:

Short-term plan for employment <= 1 year
The long-term plan for work> 1 year

Human Resource Planning is Important

According to the above description, it appears that the importance of human resource planning follows how to plan it.

The point is that HR is expected to be proactive rather than reactive to human resource planning issues, where:

Proactive means anticipation before problems arise
Reactive means response after a problem arises
Have you become a proactive HR in human resource planning?

Let’s start paying attention and give priority to the human resources in your company to achieve the company’s goals!

The techniques used to determine human resource requirements include several points, namely:

Trend analysis
Ratio analysis
Analysis of search diagrams
Forecasting with computers
Managerial will have the obligation and right to consider which technique is appropriate and will be used.

Whichever technique is chosen, it needs to be analyzed periodically because of the high possibility of changes in each period.

The several factors that cause the changes are as follows:

The need to improve the quality of products or services or enter new markets, where each employee will be judged compatibility with new products or services.

Technological and administrative changes resulting in increased productivity and an impact on the declining HR needs.

The availability of financial resources that will affect how much human resources an organization or company can recruit and determine the amount of salary received.

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