Dec 17, 2019

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These Diseases Can Be Caused By Dog Bites

These Diseases Can Be Caused By Dog Bites

A lot of people love dogs. Some of them believe that dogs are men’s best friends. However, it only happens when the dog is maintained and trained properly. Dogs can be dangerous if they are not trained properly. Dog bites do not only cause injury but can also spread germs. Furthermore, some irresponsible owners might abandon their dogs and when their dogs try to survive in the wild, they might get desperate and try to kill people due to hunger. Furthermore, they can also carry various diseases. That’s why you need to know what kinds of diseases that can be transmitted by dog bites to humans. That’s why if you get sick due to someone’s dog bite, we suggest you hire a trustworthy dog bite attorney if you want to sue that irresponsible dog owner.

Here are some common diseases that occur when exposed to dog bites:


Rabies is a virus that affects the brain and is almost always fatal if symptoms occur. This virus usually spreads through the bite or saliva of infected animals. To prevent rabies can be done by vaccinating dogs. Get to the hospital immediately if you get yourself bitten by a dog with a foaming mouth.


Besides rabies, it can also cause tetanus. Tetanus can cause stiff paralysis in people and can even be a problem in deep bite wounds.

Capnocytophaga bacteria

Capnocytophaga bacteria come from the mouths of dogs and cats, but do not make pain. This bacterium can spread or spread to humans through dog and cat bites and scratches.


Pasteurella commonly occurs with painful red infections at the bite site. But this condition can be more serious if it is exposed to people who have a weak immune system. As a result of Pasteurella can cause swollen glands, difficulty moving, to swelling in the joints.


Infection from these bacteria can cause skin, lung and urinary tract infections in humans. In some people, MRSA can spread to the bloodstream or lungs and cause life-threatening infections.