The use of slimming drugs needs to be done consistently. It takes a long time to take effect. Yes, just like other types of drugs, diet pills also have side effects and can cause an allergic reaction to the drug. Some types of slimming drugs may hurt women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding mothers. So, make sure to consult your doctor first before taking diet pills. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best place to buy a high-quality weight-loss drug, you can check out PhenQ Amazon.

The following are various slimming drug ingredients that are safe for consumption:


One of the safe slimming drugs is orlistat. Medicines containing orlistat work by reducing the absorption of fat by about a third from your body. Orlistat can be found in a pharmacy or prescribed by a doctor. Orlistat consumption can be done for quite a long time. The main side effects of using the drug orlistat are stomach cramps, excessive gas, indigestion, and uncontrolled bowel movements. This drug’s side effects are usually light and they won’t last long. However, it can get worse if you eat foods that are high in fat.


Lorcaserin is a diet pill that works by sending certain serotonin receptors in the brain thereby decreasing appetite and increasing satiety. The consumption of lorcaserin can be done for quite a long time. Side effects that can arise include headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, and constipation. In diabetics, consumption of lorcaserin can cause a decrease in blood sugar levels, coughing, and low back pain. Avoid taking lorcaserin with depression medication as it can cause fever and confusion. Women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy should not take this type of diet drug.


Phentermine is a type of diet drug that also works by reducing appetite. Phentermine consumption can only be done for a few weeks. Side effects of taking phentermine include dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. Meanwhile, some of the serious side effects of phentermine are increased blood pressure, palpitations, feeling restless, dizziness, tremors, insomnia, shortness of breath, chest pain, changes in taste on the tongue, and difficulty doing daily activities. Phentermine should not be taken at night because it can cause insomnia.

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