Dec 29, 2018

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Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Stick

Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Stick

There are various brands of golf sticks that you meet at sports stores, even if you are a serious player and have a low handicap, it is often difficult to choose a golf stick that is suitable and in accordance with your wishes. Yes, you should find out the right golf stick before you go to pattaya golf.

The first thing to remember is to buy a golf stick that matches your posture because the limitations of physical abilities are very important to determine the type of golf product set chosen. Both prices, not always high prices will be the best quality and do not necessarily make your handicap go down immediately.

The weight and lightness of the stick are also very decisive. Female golfers prefer sticks that are lightweight and easy to use. Loft angle, the degree of slope is also important to note especially for players who want to increase the distance of the punch. For those of you who just want to buy a golf stick for the first time there are some things that need to be considered, and if you only want to play a few times a year it’s better to choose a cheap second-hand golf stick than to buy a new one.

One of the important things you have to do is check the grip, the rubber grip of the golf stick handle is still good or it has been loosened. Make sure the grip is still in good condition because this will make your swing unaffected by it. If it turns out that the grip is loose, it will twist when you swing and need extra costs to replace it. Then, measure the length of the stick as well as your posture. It is not convenient if your posture is too short and you choose a long stick that will affect the control of the unstable swing.

Besides the golf set device, you also have to choose a ball. There are various types of golf balls, especially those that must be considered are compression or the level of hardness, most golf balls have a hardness between 30-100 compression. Higher levels of violence will result in longer distances but will require a powerful swing.

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