Mar 13, 2019

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Things To Know About The Functions Of The Brain

Things To Know About The Functions Of The Brain

Age increases the enzymatic antioxidant capacity that protects the brain, triggering free radicals more freely through the brain’s defense system. For seniors, this is certainly an obstacle for them to have a prime quality brain. The thought of parents will experience a sharp deterioration if their brains are continuously exposed by making it free without any resistance from adequate anti-oxidants. Their mental functions are weakened because the cells of neurons and DNA that regulate the brain’s performance experience chaos. If you want to ensure that your brain will work as it should, you can also benefit from the consumption of next page.

The decline of brain function in the elderly does not all lead to Alzheimer’s, but if exposure to free radicals far exceeds the antioxidant capacity available in the body, then Alzheimer’s eventually is not able to avoid. In addition, several types of diseases associated with deterioration of brain function also occur because of free radicals that disrupt the neurotransmitter that sends messages to the central nerve.

Deposits of fatty plaque in the brain called beta-amyloid are formed beginning with exposure to free radicals that attack neurons. To avoid this, around the brain there must be enough anti-oxidants available to fight various kinds of free substances especially hydroxyl and superoxide groups, namely free radicals which have a very damaging effect on brain cells.

A bad diet also encourages free radicals to penetrate the brain. A diet that contains a lot of trans fat is the worst diet that makes the brain contaminated with free radicals. Trans fat is the easiest compound to penetrate the brain, where most of its components are saturated fat.

The performance of the brain to defend itself from exposure to free radicals becomes increasingly severe if we live in an environment full of free radicals. For example, we who spend time outdoors, work in an industrial environment, or are exposed to many kinds of chemicals, make our brains work hard to defend themselves from being damaged by free radicals.