May 17, 2018

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Things you need to know about the architect services

Things you need to know about the architect services

What about the services of an architect? What can architects do to help with remodeling or building your home project? Sometimes, because of urgent needs, you are often in a hurry to complete the project. The phrase “which is important to finish quickly” you may have uttered because the home project wants to finish quickly, even without using the services of people who are experts in it. In the meantime, you can go to to hire a trusted architect near you.

The role of architects is crucial and needed in building new homes. The scope of work of an architect from the planning, making the design of the facade (outside or exterior appearance of the house), the laying of space in the house, to supervision services. In the implementation of the project, often the customer requested the services of architects for supervision in the field to run the project in accordance with the design and regulations that have been made. Thus, the services of architects are not only completed until the design depiction stage only, they can also check and react to contractor work in the field if it is needed.

So what if just want to renovate the house? Does it require the services of an architect?

The answer is depending on your needs. If your home renovation project does not change the shape of the house, such as renovating the bathroom (repair on the bathroom floor or wall), then you do not need to use the services of architects.

You can use the services of an architect to create a new design look outside the house or room in it if you are not satisfied with your current home form.

What if you want to add a floor to the house (example: a 2-story house into 3 floors) or expand the house? In either case, you do need to use the services of an architect to create a series of drawings and floor plans. Drawings and floor plans that are accounted for by the architects are required to take care of the permit for the home renovation.

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