Sep 25, 2019

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This Is How To Train Your Baby To Sleep On His Mattress Alone

This Is How To Train Your Baby To Sleep On His Mattress Alone

Before teaching children to sleep on their own bed, the first step you must do is prepare a comfortable bed for your child. Choose the type of mattress that is soft, soft, and free of mites to protect the sensitive skin of children. Also, make sure the mattress you choose is not too high to make it easier for children to get on or off the mattress. Apart from that, if you need a mattress for yourself and your partner, perhaps the best king mattress can suit your needs.

Instead, involve the child when choosing a mattress, sheets, until the blanket for him. Maybe your child prefers a mattress with a picture of a superhero or animal. If your child has been interested in the mattress of his choice from the beginning, then later it will be easier for you to teach him to sleep alone in his new mattress.

If possible, place the mattress in the same place as the crib position. That way, children will more easily adapt to the new mattress because the atmosphere does not change much.

Next, let the child put his favorite items around the mattress. Give freedom for children to put all their favorite items around the mattress. It’s because children will usually be easier to sleep if surrounded by items that he likes.

Most importantly, make sure the child feels comfortable and likes the atmosphere of the room or the new mattress. If the child’s mood improves, it will be easier for you to teach the child to move the bed to the mattress.

Furthermore, familiarize children take a nap on the mattress. Before training your child to sleep on his bed at night, try training your child to take a nap in bed. As a first step, you can invite your child to play together in bed until he overslept. Either by reading a storybook, playing cars, and so on.

Once he starts to feel comfortable sleeping on the mattress during the day, then you can take him slowly to sleep on the mattress at night. Remember, stay with your child until he really sleeps well on the mattress. If necessary, place several pillows or bolsters around the child’s body to prevent it from falling out of bed.