Aug 8, 2017

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Tips Keep Your Skin Healthy For Over Air Pollution

Tips Keep Your Skin Healthy For Over Air Pollution

One of the most dangerous pollutants that are, Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 levels have far exceeded the threshold. This condition can not be considered trivial, the article PM 2.5 is a pollutant that can kill in secret. These pollutants can cause various diseases such as acute respiratory illness, chronic lung disease, even lung cancer. Not only gives bad effects on the respiratory organs, pollutants can also adversely affect the skin, especially the skin is the outer organ of the body first exposed to dust and dirt. In addition, to always protect yourself by using a mask, you also need to perform various other ways.

Knowing the air condition is apprehensive of course you can also imagine how much dirt and dust faced by the skin every day. In order to keep skin healthy always make sure to always do the cleansing process properly. Even it does not seem excessive if you start routinely perform double cleansing steps at night. In addition to ensuring all the dirt has been lifted from the skin, clean skin condition can help maximize the benefits of skin care that you use afterward. Do not ever get tired of seeing this one tip, yes. Because basically sunscreen is one of the objects that you must use when starting to move. In addition to protecting the skin from the bad effects of sunlight, sunscreen is also effective to prevent various skin problems such as premature aging, dull face and black stain appearance. Be sure to choose a sunscreen with SPF above 25.

Skin regeneration process occurs more effectively at night, well this moment you can use as the right time to improve your skin condition. Choosing skin care products that have high retinol and antioxidant content can be one way to speed up skin cell repair. Keep in mind also, as the skin age will be slower in improving yourself, so you need skin care that has the maximum ability to improve the skin. Keeping the skin also does not get out of your food intake every day, be sure to choose foods rich in antioxidants to ward off free radicals. Nuts, fruits, vegetables and olive oil are known to have a high antioxidant content. Healthy food intake in addition to keeping the body stay fit condition also helped produce a fresh skin look. So your skin is protected outside and inside.

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