Dec 6, 2017

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The traditional way to cook rice

The traditional way to cook rice

Some people choose to eat white rice or brown rice which is believed to have many benefits and ideal for those who want to lose weight. The funny thing is, not everyone is successful in this staple food. The steps look easy because it only needs rice, water, pans, and fire. However, for a ‘newbie’, the yield of rice can be too soft or dry due to lack of water and the duration of making. Can also look dull or dirty rice because less painstaking when cleaning the rice. In the meantime, you can also check out The Crazy Baker reviews to see the finest brands of rice cookers.

In fact, if you cook the rice correctly, the rice will feel soft when eaten.

In line with technological developments in this modern era, cooking rice can be through a special rice cooking tool or so-called rice cooker. However, how to cook rice can also be the traditional way of using grooming or pans.

To produce rice soft, there are several stages in the process of cooking this rice that must be considered. Collected from various materials, here are the steps in cooking rice in two ways. Traditional, using a stove and a pan and modern, using a rice cooker.

The traditional way

Cooking rice with stove and pot has long been abandoned, urban residents. Those still using this method may be citizens in the countryside. However, cooking using heat waiting for usually hot rice will feel longer and more fragrant aroma.

If using a pot, the type of pot used ordinary pot or steamed pan where the stage will be slightly different because it must be twice the process of cooking.

To cook good rice, choose good quality rice as well. Before washing, it’s good to sort whether there are still small stones, grain or other debris tucked between the rice grains.

After visible clean immersion, clean water input up to one index finger and start to be flamed with medium heat. During rice cooking, rice should be diligently stirred so as not to crust on the bottom of the pan.

The process of stirring is done from the water is still cold to boil and seep into the rice until the rice is cooked.

While cooking rice with steamed pot, additional stages are done after the rice is stirred on the stove is still in

Actually, there is little difference from the process of cooking rice using a regular pan with a steamer pan, but in the process of cooking rice using a steamer pan, there should be a step to be taken.

After the rice is undercooked, remove the pan and replace it with a steamer pan. Put water under the filter contained in a steamer pan. Move the rice in a steamer pan.

Then, steam the rice about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the portion of cooked rice and rice is ready to be served.

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