May 3, 2020

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Treatment For Rugs

Treatment For Rugs

Carpet is a complementary element of the floor that is often used in the house. Besides being able to protect the surface of the floor, the carpet can also make the feet of its inhabitants feel more comfortable and warmer when they have to pace back and forth on it. One type of carpet that is most popular is fur rugs. However, extra care is needed to clean carpet fur so that it always looks clean and odorless. You could use professional water damage restoration service service. Fur rugs themselves can indeed give a more chic and modern impression if placed in the interior of a room, which is also able to add to the aesthetics in the room. Well, if your fur carpet uses sensitive material, no need to bother anymore to treat it. Now you can clean it yourself at home with the following easy way.

Firstly, you can clean your fur carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Removing dust with a vacuum cleaner needs to be done on both sides of the carpet. Put the cloth on the carpet, then you vacuum. Dust in the carpet will be lifted through the crevices of the fabric without damaging the carpet fur. For daily maintenance of fur rugs, you can clean it just by flicking the carpet outside the house to drop dirt. After that, you also need to dry the carpet that has been flown at least once a week to eliminate bacteria and germs. In addition to flicking the carpet outside the house to remove dust that is sticking, daily maintenance that you can do is to use a soft brush to wash the fur carpet so that all the dirt can fall perfectly.

If you find stains on the carpet immediately clean with a homemade concoction using vinegar mixed with baking soda and water then gently clean the carpet. This mixture is very effective for removing stubborn stains on the carpet. Furry rugs tend to be more sensitive than other types of carpet, and if the type of detergent is hard enough the risk will be to knock off the hairs on the carpet. For that, it is safer if you wash it using detergents for baby clothing because of its softer content.

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