In my opinion, if you are just starting to learn crocheting, what should be prepared in addition to tools and materials is a clear crochet learning material in the form of a video. Why a video? It’s because besides we can immediately see and practice at the same time. Meanwhile, if you need a new hook for your crochet, we recommend you to check out some of the best crochet hooks.

Imitating a tutorial video is more effective, because:

  1. We can see how to properly hold a hook
  2. We can see how to hook, which hole the Hakpen enters and make a puncture correctly.
  3. We can repeat the video if it’s unclear.
  4. The video method is suitable for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning types at the same time.

Lots of free tutorials for making crocheted items. Even very complex ones

I myself still like learning to crochet by watching video tutorials. Really, the progress is really faster than reading a book.

So what’s the key to learning to crochet? There are 3 things that I formulated based on personal experience.

# 1. Tenacious and never give up

In my opinion, learning to crochet is the same as we learn everything else. The main key, of course, we must be tenacious/persistent and enthusiastic.

# 2. Learn from the bottom with optimism

Don’t be pessimistic, it’s better to learn the techniques little by little. Because all the things we see are great, it used to start with simple things, even starting with mistakes.

Large trees were once only small shoots that competed with grass to grow into large, thick, and sweet fruits. And the greatest crocheter was also a beginner (like me and you who are just learning to crochet). Is not it?

# 3. Prepare the tools and materials needed

After the heart is really inclined to learn, then we gather what needs to be prepared to start the crocheting practice.

First, you can check in this post to see what is needed to learn to crochet. Then the next step is to download a crocheting tutorial video that attracts your curiosity on the internet, especially on YouTube.

If you don’t know about this, you can see this blog. There are crocheting learning videos starting from zero, which explain about basic crocheting stitches.

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