When someone aged 30 years and over is advised to have their heart health checked. Well, there are many kinds of heart examination tests. Everyone needs to do a heart check, especially those aged 30 years and over, done during a medical check-up. An examination can be done once a year, but if you have special things, it can be advanced once every 6 months. Well, here are some types of heart health screening tests. Beside that, you can also do at home heart health test.

Treadmill Test During Medical Chek-up
Through a treadmill test, it can be detected early whether a person has coronary heart disease. The success rate of a treadmill test for detecting heart disease can reach 78 percent.

Echocardiogram / Ultrasound of the Heart
An echocardiogram is a heart rhythm recording device. The point is to find out whether the heart chambers are in normal condition, as well as the heart valves, the holes between the left and right heart chambers, and the thickness of the heart muscle. This test can help doctors diagnose conditions such as heart failure and atrial fibrillation, but has not been shown to help people without symptoms. Ultrasound scans are generally safe, but can trigger false alarms and may lead to consideration of more invasive tests and later treatment. You need to do this test if you have unexplained chest or upper arm pain, heart murmurs, heart attack, heart defects, or a history of heart disease.

Holter Monitoring
This tool is usually taken home and records for 24 hours so that if at certain hours there is a block or heart rhythm disturbance, through the recording you can see what time it occurs.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
An ECG is a reading of the heart’s electrical activity recorded by electrodes placed on the chest. The EKG can detect abnormalities that may or may not be able to detect heart defects. ECG is used to study irregular heart rhythms, heart attacks, and other problems. ECG is also used before some types of surgery, but no studies have examined whether it helps prevent disease in people without symptoms. ECG is usually not expensive. The ECG test procedure is also non-invasive, so this test is safe.

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