Apr 13, 2018

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Useful tips for a business promotion in an event

Useful tips for a business promotion in an event

If your exhibition aims to find new prospects, then the exhibit’s success indicator is the price per prospect you can use. The point is that the cheaper the price per prospect, the more the exhibition can be considered successful. Meanwhile, you should also check out the Inflatable marquees and tents for the more promotional value of your booth in an event.

As an example:

For an exhibition at the ABC event, you spend $ 100 million. When the exhibition ends your sales generate 40 new prospects that can be worked on to buy your product. That means in the ABC event exhibition, the price of 1 your new prospect is $ 2,500.

Meanwhile, the exhibition at the DEF event, your fee is $ 150 million and there are 120 new prospects you get. That means the DEF event exhibition gives you a prospect at a price of $ 1,250 per prospect.

Knowing the price per prospect and comparing the increase/decrease from the exhibit to the exhibit will help you assess when your exhibition serves your promotional needs – or you just get caught up in the fear of wrong branding.


Make sure the team that keeps your booth trained in product knowledge.

Choose a team that is cheerful and vibrant personality.
Practice your team to be proactive: not clustered behind the desk, but ready to greet visitors on the booth side.

Equip and train your team with a list of questions that attract visitors.

Have rules about playing gadgets while keeping an exhibition. Do not waste the prospect that is passing in front of the booth just to post in some or selfie.

Have a special offer that applies only to the exhibit.

Invest in a booth appearance that makes you look professional.

Try to get a booth in the corner.

Talk-It Over

The exhibition promotional strategy can be the right choice when you choose the relevant event, location, and strategy. Consider carefully about the costs and how much turnover you need to achieve – on the spot and the follow-up results of the exhibition’s prospects – to refund the cost of the exhibition expenses.

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