An aluminum floating dock or boat ramps massachusetts is a deck intended for a road or walkway. This aluminum dock is made of marine-grade aluminum material. Because the material is made of aluminum so it has a long lifetime because aluminum is a material that is resistant to rust. The size of this custom aluminum deck can be adjusted according to the design. Those are some ways to choose the best and professional dock contractor. This pier which has an important role for the community must be built perfectly. Thus, the benefits will last longer and reduce costs for future renovations.

An aluminum floating dock can adapt to tides by providing a pier height from the sea level that is always the same, making it suitable for use by medium-scale passenger vessels. It has high buoyancy (recommended maximum load: 100kg / m2) and can move along with the waves in the sea. Can be installed very quickly in just a few days so that the benefits can be enjoyed by the user immediately. It is environmentally friendly and can be assembled easily. It can be used as a station for moving passengers and goods between boats in the middle of the sea, can be used as a complement to wooden or concrete piers, and can also be connected directly to the land.

For areas that have quite a large shifting of coastline due to tides, the ramp is designed to be able to be above mud or sand so that the community’s daily activities can be carried out on top of it. There are many advantages of using an aluminum floating dock. It is environmentally friendly, and the floating device has a thickness of 14-20mm, thickest than other floating piers so that it is durable with a service life of over 30 years. The floating device is joined using a flange system, with a joint strength of> 20,000 kilograms force, creating a structure that evenly distributes all loads on the jetty. The floating device is reinforced with a Marine Aluminum profile structure. Flexible and resistant to waves.

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