Apr 1, 2020

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Why Are Comedy Movies So Much Funnier If Watched Together?

Why Are Comedy Movies So Much Funnier If Watched Together?

Watching movies is certainly a fun activity. Especially after a full day of activities, of course, we need to relax for a while and watching a movie on gostream site to refresh the mind. Light films that are appropriate and often a choice are comedy. Almost everyone is fond of comedy films because the story is light and always makes us laugh watch action movies online.

Unfortunately, when watching comedy movies alone it feels like something is lacking, even it doesn’t feel funny at all. It’s different if watching with friends, the same comedy movie feels much funnier and more fun. Have you ever felt that way? Why does that happen?

Comedy films that are watched together will be far funnier than if watched alone is a result of the effects of laughing transmission. Like yawning, the laughter caused by someone will influence the people around them to laugh. Laughter will spread from one person to another so that the atmosphere feels fun and exciting. Then, what causes laughter is contagious?

1. Laughter is a form of social communication that has existed since time immemorial
Research shows that our ancestors used laughter as a way to strengthen social bonds. When we feel free and comfortable with people around us, then we are also easier to laugh out loud. That is why watching comedy movies with friends will feel more exciting and fun.

2. One part of our brain is affected when we hear other people’s laughter so that it provokes us to laugh too
The part of the brain that plays a role in this process is the promoter of the cortical region. These brain areas regulate facial muscles in response to a sound. A study conducted by making a variety of sounds to a number of research respondents. After these voices were heard, each respondent’s brain was examined using MRI.

As a result, the cortical promoter area under study responds differently depending on the type of sound. The highest response of the cortical promoter occurs when the respondent is played with a positive voice, such as the laughter of happiness, and conversely, the response decreases when played by a negative voice, such as the sound of screams of fear. The results of this study prove the reason why we are easily provoked laughter when hearing the laughter of others.

3. The presence of social pressure and influence makes us laugh easily when others laugh
The social environment in which we are affects our behavior. Like the results of research from a professor who found that in general a person’s behavior is reflected in the behavior of his friends. This is called the effect of social influence.

This social effect causes a person to behave in accordance with the behavior of his group as one way to be socially acceptable. Just as we will tend to join in laughing when friends around us laugh, because of the social pressure and influence.