May 21, 2018

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Will GTA VI be released in 2022?

Will GTA VI be released in 2022?

Time sure flies quickly, and the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V has now stepped on the age of the 5 years. If calculated, should Rockstar Games as the developer has prepared the latest sequel GTA. In the meantime, you may want to check out the best graphics cards for gaming in 2018 as well.

In line with these assumptions, rumors that the latest series GTA – GTA VI – someday will be released four more years, precisely in 2022.

The news comes from The Know’s YouTube channel, which revealed that GTA VI’s release schedule was broadcast live from Rockstar Games internal sources.

According to information reported by Comic Book on Friday (16/3/2018), GTA VI is currently still in the process of developing the early stages with the code name “Project Americas”.

This codename is said to refer to the location setting that will take place in GTA VI, which is between the United States (US) and South America.

The Know also revealed that GTA VI will return to the Vice City series, which is a fictional city inspired by the city of Miami, United States (US). Not only that, other sources reveal that the game is reported will also present the female protagonist character.

Unfortunately, it is not known whether this game will take the set in the present or even the old days. If indeed the rumor is so, GTA VI will be the first GTA series to take the location setting in South America.

GTA VI Appears in Brazil?

Although there is still no definitive news when GTA VI will slide on the market, some pirates in Brazil managed to ‘precede’ the game developers by launching GTA VI.

The news of the launch of GTA VI ‘early’ in Brazil is also torn into a remarkable discussion among gamers. A gamer in Brazil managed to get a copy of the game and posted a photo of the game cover in Reddit.

It turns out Series Mod

According to the report, the GTA VI in question turned out to be the Grand Theft Auto series: the San Andreas that were modified by the game hijackers from Indonesia and appeared in the Brazilian game console market.

Until now, Rockstar Games still has not provided detailed information, including the exact plan when GTA VI – the original – will be launched.