Feb 7, 2020

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You Can Try These Tips To Look Fashionable When You Wear A Shirt

You Can Try These Tips To Look Fashionable When You Wear A Shirt

Who says wearing a shirt will make you look shabby and lacking style? Of course not, ladies. You can really look cool with a shirt if you choose the shape and size of the shirt that suits your body. In fact, you don’t need a shirt with exorbitant prices in order to look stunning. As long as you follow the guidelines on how to wear cheap custom t-shirts fashionably, surely the collection of shirts in your wardrobe will make your appearance always look cool:

Pay attention to the shoulder part of the shirt

T-shirts usually have a seam connection between the shoulder and arms. Try to note the t-shirt that you are now wearing or favorite t-shirts in your closet. The stitching part of the connection should be right in the joint between the shoulder bone and your arm bone.

Chest Parts Are Also Important, You Know!

Men, in general, have no difficulty when choosing a shirt because their chest size tends to be flat. Unlike men, women actually have to pay attention to the comfort of the shirt on the chest. T-shirts that are too tight in the chest not only make you less flexible but also display a rather vulgar impression.

Choose the Length of the Arm According to Taste

There are many types of shirts based on the length of the arm. In general, women prefer t-shirts that have one-third the length of the upper arm. But if you want a shirt with longer arms, choose a shirt with two-thirds the length of the upper arm. For women who wear the hijab, the long sleeve of the shirt must cover the wrist.

Paying Attention to Overall Shirt Length

You certainly do not want to appear less presentable just because the shirt is too big? The standard size of the right shirt length must reach half of your pants zipper. So that your appearance will seem slimmer and neater. Do not you also wear a shirt that is too small until the shirt looks hanging under the stomach. You will display the impression of being rude and careless if you wear a shirt that is too small.