Mar 14, 2020

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You Need The Right Bait And Technique For Catfish Fishing

You Need The Right Bait And Technique For Catfish Fishing

When you are fishing for catfish, you should never use bait that smells of rotten or overly pungent in the Galatama pond that is still less than 1 year old, because new fish prefer to eat bait that is still fresh or that doesn’t smell too strong. Although it is not impossible that the sting scented bait is eaten by fish, Live Bait tends to be superior in new ponds. Additionally, you can also get more info in our website if you’re looking for catfish reels.

Catfish have a fast-changing appetite. Bring some types of bait and adjust the bait in the middle of the road in the pond where you used to fish. When your mainstay bait does not work, immediately replace it with another bait in the middle of the road, or if you use pellets/meat, bring some essence to adjust to the taste of the catfish at that time.

How to eat catfish is not the same as goldfish, buoys move or sink not necessarily eat fish, be patient a little until the float moves or sinks 2 to 3 seconds and then jerked. When you pull too fast then you can be sure you will often lose momentum to get fish and of course, your time is taken up just to set up bait and throw your hook back.

Catfish tend to eat by chasing so that when you use dead bait (such as pellets and meat) try a little above the bottom of the pond.

In difficult conditions, the stopper and buoy play a very important role, so do not ever hesitate to set it.

Bait and technique are the maximum efforts and hence fate will determine your success in achieving success.

Here are some baits that are the mainstays of professionals:

– Eels as big as fingers, can be burned, steamed or fried and then cut as big as dice or can also use only meat. If you just use the meat, the cut is 2cm long.

– A variety of worms but the best is sea worms. Install several worms at once to get maximum results.

– Chicken wings are steamed and then after being cooked, the meat is taken and blended until smooth. For hardener use 48 pellets with eel scent.