As an online marketer, positive reviews from bloggers or netizens are a godsend. However, we cannot satisfy everyone. There must be bad reviews made by bloggers or consumers. Then, how do you deal with it? Especially just because of one bad review, new potential customers can discourage buying or using our business services. This is also supported by a survey by BrightLocal which found that 66% of customers form their opinion about a business after reading just four reviews. The survey results show how bad one negative review can be for your business. Don’t overdo it. Accept the fact that we can’t satisfy everyone, and not all customers will love all aspects of our business. Aside from that, if you want to understand more about reviews, you can go to right away.

Experts also emphasize that not all customer feedback can be useful. According to experts, there is no need to rush into panic either. Start by looking for a recurring theme or complaint. For example, the most common word in negative online reviews is “disappointed”. This indicates that customers have higher expectations than the product or service being offered. When you understand the pattern, find the product or service that caused the customer disappointment for your next business improvement.

The next step is to respond to complaints quickly. When responding, don’t let your emotions take over. Give a professional answer by first apologizing (if necessary) for the bad experience the customer has had and providing an explanation of how this is a rare thing in business.

Experts also suggest that business people immediately follow up by informing them of the actions that have been taken to overcome the bad experience experienced by these customers.

A quick way to cover negative reviews from other people is to cover as many positive reviews as possible from bloggers. To get bloggers who are willing to write positive reviews of our products, you can get them in a trusted blogger marketplace.

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