Elk is the name of a deer that is easily recognized by its distinctive physique. Long & large muzzle. His body is sturdy & humped at the front. The whole body is covered with thick, dark brown hair. The horns number a pair & each horn has several branches with a wide structure in the middle of the horn. Only male elk have such horns; Female elk has no horns at all. Meanwhile, before you decide to buy a firearm to hunt an elk, we suggest you find out how to hunt elk effectively.

Elk is the largest species of deer in the world. This animal has a maximum shoulder height of 2.3 m, a maximum length of 3.1 m, and weighs over 800 kg. Male elk is larger than the female. As for the size of the body, the horns of the male elk are no less big. The width can reach 2 m, while the weight can reach 35 kg. The horns date every winter but will grow back every spring.

The habitat of elk is in the northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia which are known for their cold climates. However, in the past, elk can also be found in the Caucasus & Western Europe.

Elk is a herbivore, aka plant-eater, where the most favorite part of the plant is the twig. Depending on the location, the elk have different favorite plants. Elks that live in Poland, for example, tend to use pine trees as their main food. An elk can consume 20 kg of food every day. And like cows, elk also has 4 stomachs to help it digest plants efficiently. In summer, the elk will also like to eat aquatic plants because they are easier to digest & easier to find during this period. Incidentally, Elk himself is good at swimming & diving.

Unlike most deer species that live in groups, elk have a solitary lifestyle. When the mating season arrives, then the elk shows its social behavior. Both male and female elk have the habit of rubbing their heads or spraying their urine on tree trunks to announce their existence to the opposite sex.

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