Usually, when renting scaffolding, the need for scaffolding per m2 can consist of Frame scaffolding with configurations including the mainframe, ladder frame, or a combination of both. These two sections are used and connected by cross braces which intersect each other in a square configuration framework. When installing this will be the foundation for building the scaffolding level to the top. Pay attention that every frame that is connected must be connected with a joint pin, so that it does not come off. Meanwhile, you may want to call the best how to build a wood scaffold tower company near your area to get the sturdiest scaffolding.

Another scaffolding requirement per m2 is a cross brace to tighten a pair of mainframes so that the scaffolding can stand upright and be strong. After that, the arm lock will lock the cross brace so that the scaffold doesn’t shake. Then the Joint pin will connect the mainframe vertically to increase the scaffolding level.

Coupled with other device functions such as the base jack for the foot which is adjusted to the distance from the floor. U-head scaffolding which is used to support the construction of the mainframe or scaffolding at the top. The Catwalk scaffolding is made of metal as a foothold between the mainframes. And of course, the scaffolding ladder which serves as the access for workers up and down. Stairs are of course important for workplace safety is maintained.

Well, more or less how to calculate and the need for scaffolding per m2 like this as well as the working technique. If it seems difficult, then scaffolding leases will be a more profitable investment in terms of time, cost, and security. However, investing in buying scaffolding can also be an advantage.

The mapping approach is a technique where you pay attention to the drawing scheme of a building. Analyze how much scaffolding is needed around the building. This measurement of scaffolding requirements is useful for adjusting the type of scaffolding and the number of levels of scaffolding that will be needed and used.

The next step is to plot the scaffolding size in the building sketch. Standard scaffolding area measuring 1.2 x 1.8 m and 1.7 m high or adjust the jack-base and u-head.

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