Not just a gimmick, but a powerful tool for shaping images, gaining popularity, and even becoming an alternative additional income channel for musicians. In today’s digital era, being a musician is no longer just making songs, releasing albums, and performing. Other things are of concern and must be done, especially if we want to continue to exist and develop our musical careers, in form of documenting works, either in the form of photos or videos. As for videos, if you need some rap beats for your next videos, we highly recommend you Buy beats from a high-quality online licensing store.

It must be admitted that currently, video or photo documentation plays an important role in the musical journey of a band or musician. Not just a gimmick, but has become a powerful tool for shaping the image, increasing popularity and credibility, and even greater, can be another alternative income channel for us musicians.

Yes, if taken seriously and maximally, the content of our documentation can be monetized and produced. An example is through YouTube videos that are attached to ads or working with brands to support our documentation products.

Isn’t that awesome? Documentation worked, band promotion was achieved, plus there was potential for additional income. Less what else try?

Also, the most basic thing is that this music documentation is a track record of a band/musician that can be seen, evaluated, and used as a reference or learning from other musicians.

With so many benefits from documenting this musical work, don’t be surprised if the big bands always bring official photographers and videographers to document them on stage, in the studio, and so on.

Don’t have a video or photo team yet? Do not be discouraged. You don’t have to do this yourself. This documentation can also be done in collaboration with music content creators that already exist or are still pioneering. This kind of collaboration can build a symbiotic mutualism between the two of them. The musician gets new listeners and his work is well documented, on the other hand, the content creator gets the content, of course.

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