Before starting to massage the baby, you must remove jewelry that can irritate the baby’s skin, always put the baby in a soft and warm towel, and rub baby oil on your hands. You must avoid doing it in a cold room. Aside from that, if you are actually pregnant, you can try the pregnancy massage with the expert in massage gold coast Malama.

Here are some methods you can do:

Massage the baby’s feet

Hold your baby’s heel with one hand, then begin to gently massage the baby with the other hand from the top of the thigh to the ankle. Repeat the movement in reverse from the ankle to the thigh. Then, massage and gently rub the baby’s instep, feet, and toes with your thumb.

Massage the baby’s hand

Hold the baby’s wrist using one hand, then begin to slowly massage the baby using the other hand from the wrist over the shoulder. Now, turn over the top of the shoulder to the wrist. Next, massage and gently rub the back of the baby’s hand, palms, and fingers using your thumb. Do it alternately on the baby’s other hand.

Massage the baby’s head

Massage both sides of the baby’s head using your hands very slowly. Then, do movements such as making a small circle on the baby’s head using the tips of your fingers. Then, rub the baby’s head down to his toes.

Massage the baby’s face

Gently massage the baby’s face using the thumbs of your hands starting from the center of the forehead to the temples and cheeks. Next, gently pull the baby’s lips with the thumb to form a smile from the upper lip to the lower lip.

Massage the baby’s chest

Place your palms on the baby’s chest, then rub gently sideways. Then, rub back in the original direction and repeat a few times.

Massage the baby’s tummy

If the baby’s stomach feels soft, then massage the baby’s stomach gently in a circular motion clockwise. Next, massage the baby’s tummy diagonally from side to side using your fingertips to form an X.

Massage the baby’s back

Turn your baby into a prone position. Massage the baby’s back using the fingertips on both sides of the spine from the neck to the buttocks. Then, end with long strokes from shoulder to foot.


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