Apart from skin and hair, dental care is now also practiced by many people, especially women, for the sake of health and beauty. In the world of health, dental beauty treatment is also known as cosmetics dentistry. The goal is to emphasize the aesthetics of the teeth to get the perfect tooth appearance. If you want your perfect appearance, you can do this treatment in a after hours dentist fort worth.

Then, what are the types of treatments for dental beauty?

1. Bleaching
This type of dental care aims to whiten teeth. Bleaching is the process of whitening teeth using certain chemicals or rays. For those of you who want to do this dental beauty treatment, you must do it at a professional dentist. The reason is simple because this process has risks, such as sensitive teeth, gum irritation, and tooth enamel damage.

2. Veneer
The next type of dental care is veneers. The goal of this treatment is to shape the teeth as desired. One example of tooth form from veneers, namely “rabbit teeth”. The process begins with reducing the enamel layer, then the veneer is attached to the tooth. What needs to be emphasized, this action must be based on the condition of healthy teeth.

3. Filling
This dental treatment aims to fill in cavities. The filling process uses a material made of composite resin, and the color will resemble the teeth so that it does not appear to contrast with the color of the teeth.

4. Root Canal Treatment
This treatment is performed for tooth decay that has affected the nerves. Symptoms such as unbearable toothache, white pimples that appear on the surface of the gums, to very sensitive teeth. The root canal treatment process begins with numbing the tooth nerve, then lifting it, and cleaning the inside of the tooth. Next, the teeth will be filled or sealed to cover the holes.

5. Braces
This one is a cosmetic dental treatment that is quite popular. Braces or braces are used to straighten uneven tooth shapes. Nowadays braces come in many types. They range from standard and visible, to vague and completely invisible. The color also consists of various kinds.

6. Dental Crown and Bridges
Dental crowns are placed or implanted in missing or damaged teeth. This dental treatment is permanent. Meanwhile, bridges are a “fill” for dental problems.

7. Dental Jewelry
This dental beauty treatment is arguably different from the others. Dental jewelry is a treatment to decorate teeth by applying crystals or diamonds to the surface of the teeth.

Well, you already know the types of dental beauty care. How, interested in trying it? For those of you who want to do the above treatments, make sure the treatment is done by a doctor or professional.

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