Massage is a health therapy that has been practiced since time immemorial. This traditional medicine is believed to be able to help overcome all kinds of complaints, especially those related to muscle injuries. What if the hamstring injury is the case? Can Malama help overcome it? You can get a hamstring injury if you run, jump or climb inappropriately. Besides, this complaint can also occur if you do not warm-up before exercising.

A mild hamstring injury will usually cause sudden pain and discomfort in the back of the thigh. Due to inflammation of the hamstring muscles, you will feel more pain when you move your leg. A partial hamstring tear usually causes a more painful complaint. The body will also be more sensitive to the pain that occurs. With a hamstring injury of this degree, you may also experience swelling and bruising on the back of your thigh. In some cases, a second-degree hamstring injury can even make the sufferer lose motor strength in the leg. In grade 3 hamstring injury, the complaints you feel will usually be more severe. The sufferer’s body will be very sensitive to pain, there is swelling and bruising in the area behind the thigh and an unusual sensation appears from the injured area.

For those of you who have suffered a hamstring injury, massage is one of the right therapies to help relieve complaints. However, massage should be done after 5 or 7 days of the injury. Not by carelessly, the massage technique that is carried out must be right. To get the healthy benefits of this massage technique, you should seek treatment at a clinic or a certified therapist in performing soft tissue massage. Don’t take it for granted and play as long as you press it yourself, because this action can make your hamstring injury worse. If you have trouble finding a trusted massage clinic or are not sure about massage therapy for treating hamstring injuries, it’s better to see a specialist. This is so that you can get the main and supporting therapy that best suits the complaints you are experiencing.

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