Various reasons cause a building to experience structural damage, it can be structural errors due to human error, or structural errors due to natural factors. The damage has varying degrees, from minor damage to heavy damage that has the potential to cause collapse. The unstable foundation is one of the reasons. A building structure that is designed and built properly but is in an unstable foundation condition can cause construction errors. Poor foundations cause the building to incline a few degrees as the ground moves below. The change in position (displacement) changes the pressure distribution in the building, so that the construction and building design changes from the original plan, and is no longer feasible to function because it can collapse at any time. These structural errors can be prevented or minimized so that their impact is not too big with the help of melbourne underpinning experts.

However, one of the most frequent causes of structural failure in buildings is poor building design, for example, technicians or designers make calculation errors or computational errors during the building design process. Not only that, this may occur due to inaccurate data entered, poor material selection, or neglect of factors that can affect pressure on the building. Errors concerning these calculations are the responsibility of technicians, especially civilian technicians. This is because civilian technicians are responsible for making the blueprint and design plan for a building.

A building is designed to withstand certain conditions, depending on its function and the environment around it. When these conditions exceed the limits, this can lead to structural errors. For example, a building roof has been designed to withstand moderate rainwater, and when it rains heavily, the roof will automatically be quite difficult to withstand loads, especially if the roof is not equipped with a sufficiently good drainage system so that lots of water accumulates on the roof which provides an additional load on the roof. This will be exacerbated if there is ash rain. Piles of ash and sand material and rocks have the potential to cause the roof to be unable to hold it, causing it to collapse.

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