Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel calls iPhone privacy good for users. This contradicts what is often voiced by Facebook, where this new policy will be bad for users. Even so, Evan Spiegel admits that changing iPhone privacy will certainly have an impact on the advertising business. Evan Spiegel argues that Snapchats feel ready for this change. To be honest, this change is in line with their privacy philosophy. They never allow device-specific targeting, for example, and they always take a protective stance when that happens to their users’ data. In general, they see this as an overall good for consumers, although it will annoy advertisers a bit shortly. Additionally, if this news makes you want to trade more Apple’s stock index, we suggest you go to to find some of the best NASDAQ100 brokers.

To target mobile ads and measure how effective they are, developers and industry now often use the Apple identifier for advertisers (IDFA), which is a unique set of letters and numbers on each Apple device. When the iPhone privacy update is rolled out, developers will be forced to ask users for permission to access IDFA.

If some users don’t allow it, this will make targeted ads less effective.

However, Spiegel did not take any stand on this. Previously, the company had warned investors in its Q4 earnings report that Apple’s changes would pose a risk of disruption to ad requests.

Spiegel said the reason they highlighted some of Apple’s policy changes was that they would affect their ability to effectively measure and optimize ads outside of Snapchat.

According to him, Snapchat is already working with Apple to prepare for changes and plans to provide more opportunities for advertisers to provide products and services to users, through Snapchat.

Jeremi Gorman, head of business for Snapchat, reveals the fact that they admire Apple and they believe they are trying to do the right thing for their users. He said Apple’s focus on protecting privacy was in line with Snapchat’s values ​​and the way it built its business from the start. Overall, they felt very prepared for this change. However, changes to these ecosystems are usually disruptive and the results are uncertain.

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