Sushi is without a doubt, the most popular Japanese dish in the world. Today, you can find so many sushi restaurants in most big cities in the entire world. However, if you wish to run a new sushi restaurant, you need to prepare yourself to face the fierce competition in the sushi restaurant business. Of course, the ingredients and taste of your sushi must be up to the standards of so many people. However, you cannot ignore the importance of Japanese staple food when you cook sushi, and that is the rice. Yes, the rice cannot be ignored even though sushi is a dish that is served in small dishes, and most of them are side dishes. However, by using some of the best sushi rice cookers and real Japanese rice, you can improve the overall sushi-dining experience that your customers can get in your restaurant.

Although rice is not the main star of sushi, it is still affecting the entire meal of your guests. It’s because no matter how delicious your sushi side dishes are if they leave your restaurant with a barely filled stomach, they will not feel satisfied by their mealtime in your sushi restaurant. That’s why this is a single detail that amateurs might forget, they focus only on the fish and other side dishes. The rice must be delicious and fragrant too. That’s why using real Japanese rice and cooking it by using high-quality sushi rice cookers can improve its taste and aroma significantly. Thus, making your customers feel glad that they enjoy the sushi pieces with rice on them too.

Having more rice than usual at a sushi restaurant can make their stomach filled properly when they leave your restaurant. When this happens, not only that they are satisfied with the taste of your food, but their stomach are also feeling full, and they will feel more interested to visit your sushi restaurant again.

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