T-shirt material is soft and light is the main reason why men often use clothes made from t-shirts instead of clothes made from cloth. This simple outfit is indeed a very comfortable outfit to wear in any free activity. How to choose the right shirt will make you look cool, stylish, pleasing to the eyes of others, and of course, there will be many of the opposite sex who will be attracted to you. For men who frequently wear underground streetwear brand, it should be noted, there are a number of important things that you should know so that the t-shirts you wear are comfortable to wear and pleasing to the eyes of others. Do not let you wear shirts that are too big or loose on your body. T-shirts that are loose will only make you look old-fashioned.

If you want to buy a t-shirt, pay attention to your shoulders, pay attention to the seam joints between the body of the shirt and the sleeves. A good stitch is a stitch that is at the corner of the shoulder bone so that the shirt you wear doesn’t look too big or too small. A shirt that seams at the corner of the shoulder blade is a shirt that fits you the right size. The choice in terms of t-shirts, of course, does not only apply to t-shirts, but can also be used for every men’s clothing such as suits, shirts, sweaters, and others. Choosing the right clothes will make you more pleasing to the eye if the joints are at the corners of your shoulders.

Some are one-third of the upper arm and there are arms that are two-thirds the size of the upper arm. For short sleeve t-shirts that are one-third of the size of the upper sleeve, it is commonly known as skinny t-shirts. Most men usually wear short-sleeved shirts that have a sleeve measuring two-thirds of the upper arm. Men will feel more comfortable wearing this short sleeve t-shirt, usually compared to t-shirts with one-third short sleeves. So it is only natural that many men use this two-thirds sleeve shirt as their choice because they feel comfortable when wearing it.

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