Often members of the car club are faced with difficulty in coordinating the group during touring. For this reason, the existence of this ham radio will be very helpful and make it easier for car clubs to communicate with each other while touring. This tool is also available in a small size so it will make it comfortable for the user. The following is how to use a good and correct two-way radio system so that the things conveyed can be received according to the intent and purpose of the person delivering the message.

First, set the radio and mouthless distance when communicating. Second, you can communicate alternately and orderly. Keep in mind, it’s better to put things that are considered very important. Third, avoid mentioning names or titles when communicating. Use the agreed call sign to keep your identity confidential. Fourth, be clear, concise, and concise. Avoid talking at lengths and verbose. Fifth, speak with a good rhythm and at a moderate pace. Sixth, repeat the words that are considered doubtful so that there is no misunderstanding. Seventh, get used to using the call sign that applies in the operation of this radio communication tool. Finally, make calls up to 3 times.

You should know that sending messages over the internet via technology is currently vulnerable to security breaches. Hackers can intrude and steal data for their financial gain at the expense of their business. On the other hand, two-way radios promote safe and comfortable communication because communication in the network is limited and controlled. Besides, the use of two-way radio communication tools is also very efficient and practical as well as cost savings because this tool is cheaper to use than cell phones and there are no monthly data and call costs. The only fees you have to pay are unit costs.

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