The specialty of gel pens is that they don’t fade easily. Currently, there are many choices of gel pen brands and types that have also become good ballpoint pen brands. Plus, you also have to choose the thickness of the nib and the color of the ink that suits your needs. To help you, this article will review how to choose the best gel pen. Here are some ways to choose a gel pen. We will explain the important points you need to consider in choosing the best gel pen. The way to choose it is to know the type of ink because different types of ink will have different functions and features. There are two types of ink in gel pens, namely dye ink, and pigment ink. Each of them has a different function. Therefore, make sure that you choose based on usage needs.

Next, you need to know that the advantages of dye gel pens are the large selection of colors, as well as giving neat writing strokes. This type of pen has a low thickness rating, making it easier to write on, even if the tip is very thin. We recommend this type for those of you who tend to have small writing. However, dye inks dissolve easily in water.

The last way is to choose a durable one because it is perfect for writing important documents. The best characteristic of the pigment type gel pen is that it is durable. The writing that is written with a pigment-type pen is not easily damaged. Thus, this type is suitable for writing important documents that will be used for a long time. Just like the pen with oil-based ink, this type of pen you can use to mark or write official documents.

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