As is well known, many people have the habit of smoking cigarettes, and not a few people smoke cigars, which are relatively more expensive. Cigar smoking has become a status symbol and a healthy alternative to smoking because the way to smoke cigars is not the same as regular smoking. Choosing a suitable cigar for smoking is quite a difficult task, especially for novice smokers, given the number of cigars available in different shapes and flavors. Most cigar smokers tend to stick to the size of a commonly smoked cigar. This is related to the taste of cigars because cigars with the same tobacco composition and different sizes have relatively different tastes. The work that needs to be done before lighting a cigar is to cut the cigar at the head (cap/flag) with the best cigar cutter.

This section is a small piece of tobacco that functions to cover the end of the cigar. Cutting length is very relative, depending on the size of the cigar and the construction of the stamp itself. Typically cutting is made about 1/16 – 1/8 inches from the length of the cigar, the cutting area is about 75% – 85% of the cap area. The approach to the measure is to cut a little above the cap before the curve of the cap becomes straight. Cutting too low will result in a hole that is not large enough to make it difficult to suck. Conversely, cutting too high is likely to damage the wrapper construction.

There are three types of cutting the tip of the cigar, including the straight type. The straight cutting type is common and mostly uses the guillotine model. There is also holes type (punch). The hole is made with a punch cutter. This type is an alternative to solve the problem of the area or length of the cap of the cigar that must be cut. The V cut type produces a cut plane like the letter V, the use of this type reduces any worries about the length of the stamp that has to be cut. Some people argue that this type tends to produce less good cuts and uneven burning.

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