A clothes vacuum sealer with a slider cover is highly recommended. Products without sliders need more time to close tightly by hand from end to end. This makes the sealing ability inferior and the compression process of the garment runs less optimally. On the other hand, products with sliders can be closed very easily and quickly. This makes the comfort of its use very capable.

The next step, also make sure that the plastic vacuum sealer you choose is strong and thick enough. Products that are too thin are more prone to tearing. As a result, air easily enters and keeps your luggage eating space. It’s best if you can touch the plastic directly to check its thickness. Even so, even if you can’t see the product directly, it’s not a problem. You can first read reviews or additional information related to targeted products and buy products that you feel are durable.

The following are some of the types you can choose from:

Vacuum Bag Small Size
No need to be afraid of screaming inside your wallet when buying a plastic vacuum sealer if you choose this product. The price is super affordable, buying it in large quantities will not empty your wallet. Take it easy, the quality of this product is still tested. This product is able to save storage space while protecting your clothes from dust and mildew. Simply deflated with a vacuum cleaner, this product is ready for you to use.

Vacuum Bag Big Size
You will have no trouble getting your blankets, pillows, or clothes in because this product is quite large. Worth choosing if you need a large plastic vacuum sealer that fits clothes and a variety of thick or large objects. When used, this product is claimed to be able to save up to 300% space. However, you will have to buy a separate vacuum cleaner or pump to compress the air inside. This is because this product has not been sold completely with these tools.

Hanging Vacuum Bag with Hanger
Measuring 70 cm x 100 cm, this product is big enough to hang a jacket or thick coat inside. Not only that, you will also get a hanger directly when you buy this product. The smart solution for hanging thick clothes without needing to buy another hanger separately, right?

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