VPN is a connection between one network and another network privately through a “public” Internet network. It is called a Virtual Network because a VPN uses the Internet network as an intermediary medium, aka the connection is not direct. Now, of course, many people have used VPNs, one of which is because VPN can guarantee security when doing online activities. One of the best VPNs at the moment is the best vpn canada, you can use it from now on bestvpncanada.

The functions of Virtual Private Network technology, including the following:

Confidentiality “Confidentially”
VPN is a technology that uses the internet network or public network which is of course very prone to theft of information or data. So the VPN uses an encryption method to scramble the passing data. By using this encryption method, the security or will be guaranteed enough from data theft.

Although there are parties who can intercept data that passes through the internet network or through the VPN itself, it is not certain that those who intercept can decipher the data because the data has previously been scrambled. It can be concluded from the confidential function that the data transmitted can only be accessed by people who are truly entitled.

Data Integrity “Data Integrity”
VPN has technology that can maintain the integrity of information or data from the time the data is sent until the data arrives at the place where it is intended. So that data while traveling can avoid various kinds of disturbances such as data lost, damaged, or manipulated by irresponsible parties.

Source Authentication “Origin Authentication”
VPN can authenticate the source of data transmission it will receive. PVN can check incoming data and access information from the source, then the address of the data source will be approved if the authentication process is successful, so the VPN can guarantee that all data sent and also received comes from a source that really should be, no information or data sent by other parties and data is falsified.

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