A whiteboard animation video stands out as a way to present a company. Helps in conveying messages more effectively. Besides, this application can also bring stories and ideas about existing life. It’s easier, makes the content more unique and interesting. That way you can introduce your business and products with a short, animated whiteboard video. Besides that, the production process is also not difficult, because there are quite a several applications or software that can be selected to make the video. You could see easy sketch pro review to get the best software to make whiteboard animation.

When you create your whiteboard animation video, it’s important to understand the subject from the inside and outside. By presenting the vision that is owned and studying the specifications of the business that is being carried out by the client. Such as the purpose of the film or video making, video strategy settings, brand communicability, design ideas or video styles, graphic symbols, music and the duration of the video itself. The video creation itself must be well written and this is key to making a great explainer video. Base the information gathered and outline the initial scenario. Scenarios are also usually taken from the form of stories that can help keep the attention of each viewer. Be consistent with vide style, brand images, characters and more.

At the stage of making whiteboard animation, you have to outline, because this video includes documents that may be viewed one by one. The storyboard will also usually contain a specific phrase from the scenario that has been created and accompanied by pictures. Divided into several more specific scenes. With certain images, such as props used, voice-over text and comments about production and editing. To present content through storytelling and be able to attract audiences, then you need to focus on the existing story and make the story focus around the target. Use animated characters who can provide continuity to the story. This will spark identification and empathy in it, especially if you add a more personal approach.

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