Now, let’s talk about why VPS (Virtual Private Server) is more expensive than Shared Hosting. Is VPS better than Shared Hosting? Well, let’s discuss the advantages of VPS and Shared Hosting. However, before we continue, you might want to try a free VPS hosting service from a trustworthy provider near your area.

There are some advantages possessed by VPS (Virtual Private Server), such as the security configuration is fully managed by the VPS owner so that the security level can be adjusted according to how important the data is, the available space is larger than shared hosting so that it can store various types of data needed, VPS is also very flexible to install applications needed by users such as Java Server, etc. The performance produced by VPS is also better because users use it together so that the resources used will be more efficient and produce a good performance. After you’ve understood the difference between VPS and RDP, that is on VPS, users can change the OS (Operating System) according to the user’s wishes. So that users have the opportunity to try some of the latest OS that has emerged.

Shared Hosting also has advantages. When using shared hosting, users don’t need to have special skills to manage servers and security and updates because these will be taken care of by the hosting provider, making it easier for shared hosting users. In addition, CPU and RAM usage on shared hosting is not limited, so users can use server resources as needed.

Judging from the several advantages of VPS and Shared Hosting, it can be predicted that the costs incurred for VPS will certainly be more expensive than Shared Hosting. This is because VPS can provide more benefits than Shared Hosting. However, Shared Hosting is no less good than VPS. In general, this VPS is aimed at companies that have high traffic on their websites. The price, which is quite high, is in accordance with its target market, namely the company. Meanwhile, shared hosting is more suitable for use by bloggers or SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), so the price is affordable for its target market.

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