There are some tiles whose base is already smooth, but there are also some mosaic tiles with a rough back. For that, you need to smooth it a little, either with a knife or with a metal grinder. First, remove the protective plastic on the back of the tile. After that, just start the refinement process. Be careful when doing this process and do not press too hard, because this will cause the tiles to crack and break. We also recommend you to buy durable tiles that you can buy in stores that sell tiles portsmouth.

Then, after the polishing process, there will definitely be dust – dust and debris leftover. Using a cleaning broom or vacuum cleaner, make sure to clean these impurities before installing a mosaic tile.

So that the mosaic tile can adhere perfectly to the floor, use a thin set of a mixture of cement with a medium thickness, around 2-5 mm.

If the thin-set has been placed on the floor, now is the time to install the mosaic tiles. In laying these tiles, give a little emphasis so that the bottom of the tile with a thin-set can stick strong. In arranging tiles, it is also important to consider patterns, whether there are certain motifs, patterns, or paths that must be followed to reinforce the mosaic effect.

If all mosaic tiles have been properly installed on the floor, immediately clean the surface with a wet sponge to maintain the gloss and to clean the overflowing cement thin-set of the tile surface before drying. If this thin-set is already dry, it will be increasingly difficult to clean.

Before the surface of this mosaic tile is used for activities or used to place items, it is better to leave it aside for 24 hours so that the thin-set dries completely so that the tile does not easily shift or crack.

Finally, grout is an adhesive that usually exists between one tile and another. The point is that each tile is not attached which can cause disposition or cracking if the surface of the tile collides. Choose the type of non-sand grout and make sure that the color of the grout is neither too dark nor too bright. It would be better if you choose grout with a color that matches the color of the mosaic tile.

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